We are specialists in aesthetic medicine based in the heart of Hawthorn.

Thank you for choosing Medico Estetica. Please take a moment to review our Fee List and our full Terms & Conditions here.


Facial skin consultation including dermatological conditions and sun damage (Medicare rebates applies):

  • Initial (up to 45 mins) $220

  • Review (up to 30 min) $150

  • Review (up to 15 min) $80

Aesthetic treatment facial assessment (up to 30 mins):

  • $150 (credited towards any treatment subsequently provided )

  • Consultation for wrinkles, complexion problems, photodamage, facial proportions, hollows or sags and optimising appearance

  • An initial consultation is necessary for any skin treatment program

The fees charged by us are exclusive to any additional treatment costs that may be applicable, such as prescription creams or retail products, which will be notified to you in advance. Consultations and treatments may be delegated in entirety or in part, to other staff members.

Payment terms

  • Fee deposit to be paid at time of appointment confirmation $150

  • Payment must be made at the end of the consultation by debit card, credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or in cash

  • Payment by credit card incurs a bank surcharge of 1.6%

  • If paying by cash, please ensure the correct amount is given as our staff do not carry change

  • Payment by cheque or any other method is not accepted

  • If applicable, a Medicare rebate is paid back to you at the time

  • A receipt will be provided

  • Please see Special Notes at bottom of this page


  • Fee deposit to be paid at time of treatment confirmation $150

  • Reviews are free of charge

    • All patients invited at 3 weeks for any minimal touch up treatment

    • All patients invited at 3 months for an 6-18 month Look Fresher strategy plan discussion

  • Bonus value applicable to any treatment package

  • Please see Special Notes at bottom of this page

Antiwrinkle injections

We specialise in highly effective, low-dose treatments designed to make you just look fresher and naturally healthy. Only pay for the dose you may really require and not be over-dosed, and made to look frozen, stiff or unnatural.

  • Minimum charge of $150 applies for small treatments

  • Pricing varies according to applicable discount level

  • Specific drug names or pricing are not permissible

Indicative treatment pricing.

  • Prices vary by the dose of medicine needed to achieve the desired clinical effect.

  • Dose Size and strength of individual muscles, as well as your treatment objective will determine your specific dose. Males require a higher dose than females.

  • Duration Dose used, your personal metabolism and other health factors (such as intense exercise, any medical conditions or smoking habit) will influence the duration of any treatment effects.

  • Price guide For females, according to treatment area, single area at one time:

    • FACE aesthetic indications

      • Discounts apply for multiple areas treated at once

      • Forehead (worry lines): $50-100

      • Frown (angry lines - 'No 11's'): $160-320

      • Eye lines (crow's feet lines): $160-320

      • Eye brow lift (droopy eyes): $160-200

      • Mouth lift (droopy sad mouth corners): $100-160

      • Chin softening (Coarse, popply or cobblestone chin): $100-160

      • Jowl and jaw-line lift (Queen Nefertiti lift): $320-480

      • Neck bands softening (chicken neck): $320-480

    • Facial slimming or Teeth grinding /clenching indications

      • Jaw muscle (Masseter) reduction: $750-1000

      • Temple muscle (Temporalis) reduction: $300

    • Excessive Sweating or Hyperhidrosis indications

      • Facial sweating treatment: $320-480

      • Armpit sweating treatment: $ 900-1300

    • Facial Rosacea treatment: $300

Dermal fillers

Extensive range of leading sugar-gel fillers for any treatment indication.

Facial Packages 

  • Combination of any filler types tailored to your specific indications

  1. ANY filler – Standard treatment: $800

  2. ENHANCE treatment: $1400 (SAVE  $200)

  3. REJUVENATE treatment: $1950 (SAVE  $450)

  4. RESTORE treatment: $2400 (SAVE  $800)

  • + Package bonus:

    • Antiwrinkle treatment at same time: 15% discount

  • + Rejuvenate/Restore Package bonus:

    • IPL treatment central décolletage & hands – free of charge

Young Lip Glow Package: $795

Standard treatment: Specialty Lip Filler or Any filler type – may be staged treatment

+ Package bonus Free of charge:

  • Dermal Clinician consult and complexion analysis (RRP $80 value)

  • HydraBeauty Facial microderm and infusions (RRP $230 value)

Advanced Treatment Protocols: $1000

All areas: $1000 for any Standard treatment,  $1650 for Complex treatments.

  • Special care processes required to treat high risk areas

    • Nasal bridge

    • Temple hollows

    • Frown line (glabella)

    • Under eye areas (tear trough, eye circles or eye-bags)

  • More appointment time for treatment allocated

  • Stay in clinic recovery lounge for 1 hour post treatment observations and bonus LED treatment

  • Mandatory next day review and check-up

Skin Filler Packages

Skin fillers are special light weight, almost liquid gels comprising hyaluronic acid and other skin-friendly nutrients, which are used superficially in the upper layers of the skin to restore skin quality and texture. They  improve internal skin hydration (hydrobalance) and stimulate collagen production to  provide smoother, glowing skin. Think of them as injectable moisturiser that really, really hydrates skin!

  • REFRESH Treatments

    • Standard treatment – Focal area: $695

    • Double treatment – Face OR Hands $995 (SAVE $405)

  • REFRESH Skin Glow Package 2 (RP2)

    • 2 sessions – Double treatment per session, Face OR Hands $1695 (SAVE $1085)

  • REFRESH Skin Glow Package 3 (RP3)

    • 3 sessions – Double treatment per session, Face OR Hands $2495 (SAVE $1675)

 Package bonus: HydraBeauty Facials x 1, for each session of RP2/RP3 package, Free of charge  (RRP $230 each) 


    • Vital Injector Mesotherapy Gun

    • 3 sessions – Triple treatment per session, Face OR Face/Neck $2200

+  Package bonus: Oxygenetix Post treatment camouflage – choose your colour, Free of charge (RRP $100)

Double Chin Injections Treatment

  • Once dissolved, the under-chin fat is permanently removed and does not return

  • Number of treatments required:

    • Ladies may need from 2 - 5 treatments

    • Men may need from 4 - 6 treatments

  • Standard treatment is defined, however, your correct dose is determined at time of treatment when your anatomy is assessed and the treatment template is overlaid onto your treatment area.

Single treatment or Pay as You Go

  • $1350

    • Single Standard treatment

    • Pre-assessment clinical imaging photography

  • + Additional treatment at same time $450 (SAVE $225)

Two (2) treatment package - Paid upfront for bonus value

  • $2700

    • Package of 2 treatment sessions –

    • Pre-assessment clinical imaging photography

    • Standard treatment per session

  • + Additional treatment at same time $450 (SAVE $225)

  • + Package bonus: Protege Radiofrequency treatments for skin tightening

    • 2 treatments Free of charge, one after each session ($1100 RRP)

Advanced dermal therapies, lasers and energy-based devices

Advanced dermal therapies (Skin needling, scar re-modelling, Factor 4 autologous blood needling), specific lasers, LED, IPL, Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, and other new technologies will be quoted in advance of any treatment, following consultation. Please see our page on ULTHERAPY here.

Special notes in preparing for your appointment

Arriving for your appointment  Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance for your appointment so that the necessary paperwork can be completed. If you arrive late, the amount of time available with the consultant or clinician will be reduced accordingly.

Bring photographic identification with you the first time you visit us  We are legally required to verify the identity of those who use our services. So the first time you visit us, please bring an item of photographic identification (photo I.D) which will allow us to do this.  Your driving licence, national identity card or passport are suitable photo I.D documents. We may have to ask you to rebook your consultation (and pay the cancellation fee) if you are unable to provide photo I.D.

Disability access   Our clinic building and facilities are compliant with disability access requirements which makes full access for our services possible for those patients with mobility problems. 

Children  Please do not bring children with you unless they are with another adult, as they will otherwise be unaccompanied when you are in your consultation or treatments.

Other services  Prices for specialised treatments or services which are not listed will be quoted in advance, following consultation.

Privacy   We take our responsibility to safeguard your data seriously. We explain how we use your data and how we communicate with you in our data policy which can be found here.

Package treatments or Multiple session treatments  Packages  and multiple session treatments are offered at significant discount with value bonuses. They must be fully PRE-PAID in advance, at time of FIRST treatment , in order to be eligible to receive any bonus treatments or products. These packages and multiple session treatments are also called prepaid programs.

Treatment or Appointment fees deposit   A fee deposit is to be paid at time of treatment confirmation $150

Payment  Payment can be made by debit card, credit card or in cash and is required at the end of the consultation or treatment, or in advance if requested specifically. Visa or Mastercard only are accepted and incur a bank surcharge of 1.6%.

Cancellation policy  If you are unable to attend your appointment, please give us 24 hours’ notice to avoid incurring a $100 cancellation fee. If you fail to attend an appointment without giving at least 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $100 will be applied from your deposit and we will ask you to pay for all future consultations and treatment in advance.

Refunds  Refunds are not provided under any circumstances.  Medicoestetica has a strict ‘no refund’ policy on all purchases, including all prepaid programs (whether these programs are paid in full or not) for change of mind reasons, in the event that your circumstances change, you are no longer suitable for the treatments or in the event that you choose to discontinue treatments.  Prepaid programs of 6 treatments will expire and be automatically cancelled after 6 months from the initial date of purchase while prepaid programs of 10 treatments will expire and be cancelled after 1 year. No refunds or exchanges will be given.  All treatments and services are not transferable to other treatments and other individuals. Deposits paid for all consultations and treatments are non-refundable.

Terms and conditions   By attending our clinic,  you agree to our Terms and Conditions of service. Please take a moment to review our full Terms & Conditions here.