Comprehensive assessment

Learn the mysteries of your face

Your face is unique and has changed with age according to your genetic skin type, familial inheritance, hormonal and nutritional status, as well as any acquired general health condition (intrinsic factors); in combination with environmental exposures such as sun light or tobacco smoke (extrinsic factors).

From skin sagging or blemishes, lines or wrinkles, or change in shape or contours, there is a unique story that your face tells.

Learn the mysteries of your facial appearance and what your options are to address any issues that bother you.

Assessment informs treatment

Dr Frank Barbagallo will conduct a thorough assessment of your facial appearance and explain why the issues that bother you have developed.


Learn the underlying factors that have caused changes to your facial appearance

You will learn about changes to your skin surface and thickness, underlying soft tissues like fat and muscle, as well as bony changes that have occurred.

From that common understanding, any options for rectification may be considered and potential treatment planning is informed.

Skin improvement starts at home

The first priority for any rejuvenation program is to protect your skin and retard any ongoing changes.

Learning changes in your daily behaviours such as how to optimally apply sunscreens and commencing prescription creams to protect, stimulate and regenerate your skin, is usually the first step to improving your appearance. Such simple self management will empower you and can be commenced straight away, even before any clinic treatments that you may desire.