Clinically Advanced UV Protection

Clinically Advanced UV Protection

The skin protecting fern from the Amazon jungle

The skin protecting fern from the Amazon jungle

The mouse-ear cress plant giving powerful DNA repair

The mouse-ear cress plant giving powerful DNA repair

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Heliocare 360 SPF50+

Heliocare 360 SPF50+ skin protection products use advanced formulation technology to provide more protection than many other sun protection products currently available in Australia. 

They are cosmetically elegant products to use and easily work as a base layer under any other topical products used in your morning skin care routine.

Apart from sun filters and light-blocking pigments, they contain unique protective and repairing botanical actives in the extracts from Polypodium Leucotomos  and Arabidopsis Thaliana  plants. They ensure that the skin is deeply protected from premature photoaging (from sun damage) and the unique protection formula protects not only from a wide range of UV-A and UV-B radiations, but also Infra Red and Visible Light, ensuring a full 360 degrees of protection.

Polypodium Leucotomas is an aquatic fern plant from South and Central America with unique antioxidant properties that help the skin preserve its capacity for self-protection against the harmful effects of the sun.  Arabidopsis thaliana also known as mouse-ear cress (like mustard cress), is a tiny flowering plant and it prompts a specific system which identifies DNA damage in your skin, assists the body’s own natural cellular repair process, and by transporting powerful enzymes and antioxidants into the skin. So, it recognises the damage in your skin and initiates the body’s natural way of repairing it, speeding up the process of skin restoration. 

The Fernblock patent and BioShield system incorporate these botanical actives, and are exclusive to Heliocare. 

Heliocare 360, Gel Oil-Free  Dry Touch

Ultralight, mattifying gel, that melts quickly into the skin leaving it dry to the touch.  It's great for people with all skin types, especially those with any degree of oily or acneic skin.  It's also  for people living in tropical climates that find it hard to wear anything on the face due to sweating, and the high temperatures or humidity. 

  • very suitable for oily and acne-prone skin

  • oil-free and dry touch gel texture

Heliocare 360, Fluid Cream 

Ultralight, protective and rich, fluid cream, with quick absorption. It protects, neutralises, repairs and moisturises the skin. It's highly recommended for people with all skin types, including even slightly oily and acneic skin.  Also very suitable for conditions  causing dry and sensitive skin like rosacea, facial redness (cuperosis),  eczema, psoriasis, or vitiligo. 

  • very suitable for dry and sensitive skin due to any condition

  • rich, fluid cream and moisturising texture

Features and benefits

All Heliocare 360 products provide:

  • Effective protection against photoaging with high sun protection factor of SPF50+

  • The widest possible Broad Spectrum protection with filters covering UV-A to UV-B spectrum, Infra Red (IR-A) and Visible Light (HEvis)

  • Water Resistance to the European Sunscreen Standard - at least 50% of the sunscreen remains on the skin after 40 minutes of complete submersion under water. This resistance provides durable protection for any typical day.

  • An advanced anti-oxidant complex with Green Tea, Vitamins C and E antioxidants stimulating the skin's immune system giving immunoprotective action

  • UNIQUE photo-immuno-protective technology, with highest levels of skin regenerating and anti aging actives:

    • Fernblock FC (Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract and Ferulic acid plus Caffeic acid) and fractionated melanin, as a patented antioxidant system, which augments protective UV filters in blocking harmful solar radiation

    • BioShield System (DNA repair enzymes from Arabidopsis Thaliana extract) that repairs and regenerates damaged cellular DNA in skin cells

How to use

  • Before applying any Heliocare 360, shake the bottle.

  • Apply Heliocare 360 generously and evenly on the face, onto clean and dry skin, 30 minutes before sun exposure.

  • Reapply every 2 hours in situations of prolonged, continuous sun exposure and after swimming, excessive sweating or towel-drying.