How your face ages - simply explained!

Something unique is happening among aging Australian '40 some-things'!  

We are a generation that has taken better care of ourselves and stayed physically active, in fact, more than any other previous generation.

As also noted recently in the USA, the  Harvard Medical School Health Newsletter states that many baby-boomers feel much younger than their chronological age!

Your choice to age?

But when we look in the mirror, or at a photograph, we are often unhappy to see that we look older than we feel. This dawning realisation can make us feel uncomfortable ... fortunately, there are many available, medically delivered options to address current issues and repair, halt, and delay the physical changes and appearance of aging.

Surgery is an option for advanced changes, but is invasive, can be very expensive, with results that are not always optimal, and effects that are usually permanent!

Other options that continue to grow in popularity are non-invasive treatments. We’re seeing the explosion of anti-wrinkle treatments like Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Laser treatments to deal with skin changes and facial appearance issues.

You can quickly overview why and how your face ages and the medical treatments most popular for preventing the appearance of aging, in the graphic below.


Unlike other anti-aging treatments, non-invasive procedures can simply address the fundamental reasons that cause you to appear older.

Non-invasive procedures continue to grow in popularity. They can be staged and an individual Beauty Plan allows you to schedule incremental treatments and budget accordingly. With the advancements in treatments that allow little or no downtime, the physical appearance of aging is becoming a lifestyle choice.

Clinica Medico Estetica focusses on serving your anti-aging needs in a safe, medical environment, allowing you to learn what options may best suit you without any pressure or obligation to embark on expensive treatment programs.