Anti-wrinkle medicine for hayfever control – and ... no needles!
Haytox! Is here.

Breathing in allergens like pollens and spores cause nasal airway irritation like sneezing

Breathing in allergens like pollens and spores cause nasal airway irritation like sneezing


Springtime, for some of us, is the start of our hayfever season. For others, their nasal allergy symptoms are present all year around. Depending on what you are mainly reacting to, you may have Persistent Allergic Rhinitis (all year symptoms) or Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (typical ‘hayfever’ springtime symptoms).

“…our most efficient weapon ever..”

I’ve now treated hundreds of hayfever and persistent allergic rhinitis sufferers with my favourite cosmetic drug,  Anti-wrinkle medicine!

And it “may be our most efficient weapon ever” to control hayfever!

What symptoms do you suffer?

What symptoms do you suffer?

Anti-wrinkle medicine!

As you are probably aware, Anti-wrinkle medicine is commonly used for improving facial lines and skin creases from overactive facial muscles. It works by effectively blocking neural transmission at nerve endings on the muscle. Hence, it is also called Neuro-modulator medicine.

Duration of hayfever symptoms

Duration of hayfever symptoms


HAYTOX! Is here.

In the last 5 years, I’ve now treated hundreds of patients using this treatment – what I call, ‘HAYTOX’.

As a medical doctor, I understand how debilitating these symptoms can be, and their negative impact on a person’s quality of life and their work. I also understand that these symptoms are also often underestimated or dismissed by others. Doctors often just encourage sufferers to ‘get on with it’ and self-medicate with commonly used treatments from the pharmacy, which can have little or no effect in some cases, and often with side-effects. Controlling these symptoms with Haytox avoids the use of typical hayfever treatments like nasal sprays – including antihistamines, decongestants, or nasal steroid or cortisone sprays, as well as daily antihistamine tablets.

It can even help where the complex courses of desensitisation injections prescribed by an Allergist (that involves skin prick testing and then up to weekly injections for 10 months each year, for 1 to 3 years), have not helped.

Skin prick tests and Immunotherapy may help about 70% of people

Skin prick tests and Immunotherapy may help about 70% of people

Haytox blockade of the nasal nerve endings basically just bypasses the immune system from ever becoming stimulated by the environmental allergens that you are breathing in and reacting to.

Treatment for wrinkles is by injection, however the mucosa surface lining of the nasal cavity is so thin, its nerve receptors can absorb the Haytox directly from topical application. This means that you can have the treatment without any pain from needles. The treatment does not ‘cure’ hayfever, but controls it and prevents the symptoms by blocking the body's immune system from having to respond to the allergic stimulus. 

There are no side effects!

I have successfully treated children from the age of 8 years old and upwards (usually after one parent has also had the treatment) and all adults with hayfever.

Nasal sprays do not help everyone

Nasal sprays do not help everyone


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Haytox Procedure:

1. Medical consultation and hayfever assessment and grading (based on your detailed history).

2. Application of Haytox medicine into the nasal cavity by using sterile applicators that are gently massaged over the nasal linings for the required time.

3. You will be kept lying down for about 10 minutes until the Haytox penetrates the nasal cavity lining membranes.

4. The treatment may provoke symptoms of your typical hayfever attack that can last up to 10 minutes.

5. You may feel the beneficial effects starting within a few hours after the treatment (but sometimes beginning straight after the treatment). The full effect of the Haytox is at 2-3 weeks post treatment.

6. First treatment visit – allow 60 minutes; Repeat treatment visits – allow 30 minutes.

7.  There is no need to stop any current hayfever medications prior to the Haytox treatment, and you can continue to take any treatments as needed, following your Haytox procedure.


Key points – Haytox for hayfever:

1. No side-effects.
There are absolutely no side effects. After applying Haytox inside the nose, the throat will not be affected as the Haytox is rubbed onto the nasal lining only and does not run into the throat. The treatment may cause an effect like a minor hayfever attack that can last for up to 10 minutes.

2. No pain, no smell.
You will feel a bit uncomfortable when the applicator is being inserted into your nose. There is no pain and no odour.

3. Quick treatment.
The treatment itself only takes several minutes (You will be kept under observation to rest for about 10 minutes after the treatment).

4. Inexpensive and cost-effective.
One or two Haytox treatments are very inexpensive compared to the ongoing costs of buying over the counter sprays and hayfever relief tablets, prescription sprays and tablets, or the high expense of seeing a Consultant Allergist, and buying their bottles of immune serums,  together with the inconvenience and cost of having to arrange weekly or fortnightly injections with your family GP.

5. Fast onset of action.
Benefits from the treatment may commence within a few hours and increasing daily over the first few weeks. The full results of the treatment are in effect by 2-3 weeks.

6. Quality of life improvement.
I like to inform patients that Haytox is a theoretically elegant treatment as it works at the front-end of the allergy response and closes the entrance door on the allergic cascade in your body. Treatments like tablets and sprays work at the back-end of the response, (primarily to block the release of histamine and other allergy mediators) once you are already dealing with the consequences of the immune system being stimulated.

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Monash University study

Australian medical researchers from Monash University have previously proven that it can also block neural transmission at the specialised nerve endings to do with allergy, present in the lining membranes of the nasal cavity. These nerve endings or ‘receptors’ react to stimulation by environmental allergens present in the air that we breathe, and provoke an attack of hayfever symptoms. Therefore, by applying Neuro-modulator medicine in the nasal cavity, you can also block the allergy receptors and avoid the troublesome symptoms of hayfever – itchy, runny or blocked nose, sneezing; itchy or bleary, red, gritty and irritated, watery or streaming eyes.


Who is it for?

I recommend the Haytox treatment for people with any level of hayfever who:

1. Have tried everything available and no current treatments provide satisfactory relief for their symptoms

2. Would like to avoid any side-effect issues and inconvenience (and regular costs) associated from taking regular oral medication or nasal sprays

3. Have failed on, or poorly responded to desensitisation injections (Immunotherapy) or are not willing (or able) to persist with the ongoing requirements and costs of desensitisation injections. 



Haytox blockade of the allergic stimuli prevents the immune system from being ‘switched-on’ and so allows the immune system to rest and recover from the constant bombardment and attack by your allergic stimulants. So, days where you feel a little unwell like you are ‘coming down with a bug’ may be reduced. This translates to an improved feeling of wellness and better quality of life, which is appreciated by everyone around you!

7.  Long-lasting response.
All patients get a benefit if their symptoms are truly allergic. Some may need a second treatment after 4-6 weeks if their initial response is incomplete or they desire a greater benefit. Symptom control can last from several months up to 3-4 years depending on the individual. The duration of effect varies according to the general health status of the individual and whether there may be other medical conditions affecting their immune system function.
Although it has been suggested to have the treatment repeated annually, during or prior to the hayfever season, most people just return when they feel that their symptoms are returning and are building-up again.

8. No drug-drug interactions. Importantly, Haytox treatment does not interfere with other allergy treatments if they are needed (that means, you can have the Haytox treatment in combination with any other hayfever treatments), or any other medications from other medical conditions that you may have.

If you are sick of feeling sick with hayfever and would like to consider a HAYTOX! treatment, please contact us for an obligation-free assessment...
— Dr Frank Barbagallo