clear + brilliant is novel fractional laser technology made by the manufacturer of Fraxel...

clear + brilliant provides an introduction to facial skin resurfacing as a gentle laser that is remarkably effective in what it does. It is a step up from, and more effective than, clinical microdermabrasion and superficial to medium depth chemical fruit acid peels, to resurface the skin and provide collagen remodelling.

clear + brilliant is a:

  • Quick, minimal downtime and very affordable treatment
  • Safe and non-invasive solution to address and help prevent signs of ageing
  • Complementary treatment to the use of active skincare,  botulinum and dermal filler injections
  • Fast way to achieve visible results, including glowing, smooth and softer skin
  • Smart approach to maintain results from more aggressive treatments and protect your skincare investment.

clear + brilliant  is designed as a preventative treatment for younger skin , or as a maintenance treatment for skin that has already had corrective laser treatments. 

If you are already using active skincare, and have tried injectable treatments, then clear + brilliant is the next step in achieving refreshed skin that stays looking younger for longer.

clear + brilliant is a great choice for refreshing your skin, helping to slow and prevent early signs of ageing and maintaining the skin to look younger for longer.

clear + brilliant  enhances your complexion and targets skin quality and texture to improve :

  • dull, lifeless or 'rough' skin 
  • coarse 'open' pores and fine lines
  • pigmentation issues including freckles, melasma and age spots.

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Watch a clear + brilliant treatment experience so you know what to expect.

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